Customisable laser cut tickets

A collection of customisable ticket templates and wooden signs designed for purchase over on our store Here at Telegramme Paper Co we are a sucker for a sentimental keepsake, and we have an overflowing envelope of gig tickets and passes that we love to look through. We also love buying gig tickets as gifts, but in today's world of PDF print out tickets and QR codes, the actual giving part of the gift has become slightly less exciting. So why not make your very own, personlised tickets to give? You can add all the gig details, as well as your names, and make a beautiful one of a kind keepsake for your loved ones to remember forever. The tickets are laser cut from wood and come with a beautiful black card and butchers twine string gift envelope.

Customisable gig/theatre/travel tickets are available to order from our store.

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